**** Warning ****
The initialization program will remove all of data stored in the USB drive when executed. Make sure to back up any data that you want to keep, before initializing the program. The erased data cannot be recovered by any means!!

The initialization program of SECUDRIVE USB Basic, Personal, Office, CAD, Desktop Portable, Sanitizer Portable and Device Control Basic is available at the [Download] page. In this article, the initialization process for SECUDRIVE USB Peronal will be demonstrated. Other products will go through the same steps to be initialized.

Terminate the login program

If the Login program of SECUDRIVE USB Personal is operating, you need to terminate the program before initializing. Terminate the program icon on the system tray.

Right click on the icon on the system tray and click “Close”. Wait until the icon disappears.

Backup data on the USB drive

If the CD-Rom area was destroyed and could not execute the login program or access the secure zone, the initialization program will be able to access the CD-Rom are and make backups of the data onboard. Note that for SECUDRIVE USB Office, the secure zone can only be access from the Master PC.

Connect SECUDRIVE USB Personal to the computer

Execute the initialization program of SECUDRIVE USB Personal (SECUDRIVE USB Personal Tool.exe).

Select “Log in to secure zone” and click “Start”.

Type in the password and click “OK”. The following screen will be displayed when properly logged in.

Access the secure zone and backup the stored data on the USB drive.

When backup is completed, disconnect the USB drive and remove it from the USB Port.

Note that the login for the secure zone should only be performed when the access to the USB drive was not possible during the initialization program. The forced login process to the USB drive may result in the total deletion of the data onboard.

Program Update

SECUDRIVE USB Personal program can be updated without damaging the data stored on the USB drive. With this function, keep your program up-to-date without file deletion.

Some USB drives may not support the Program Update. In this case, initialization of the entire USB drive has to be performed.

Connect the USB drive to the PC and execute the initialization program. Select “Update program” and click “Start”

The following message will be displayed when the program has failed to update. Make sure to backup any data stored on the USB drive before starting the initialization or the update program. After reading the message, click “OK”..

When the update is complete, terminate the initialization tool and reconnect the USB drive.

Initialize USB Drive

The initialization needs to be performed when the program update has failed or when the CD-Rom drive of the USB drive was damaged.

Connected SECUDRIVE USB Personal to the computer.

Execute SECUDRIVE USB Personal USB initialization program (SECUDRIVE USB Personal Tool.exe). The .exe file and ISO file (SECUDRIVE USB Personal.iso) must be located on the same folder.

  • Label: Fixed as SECUDRIVE.
  • Capacity: Volume of USB drive connected is displayed.
  • Initialization mode: Select “Initialize USB Drive”.

Click “Start” and format the connected USB drive. All of the data onboard will be erased when formatted.

Click “OK” on the screen above and reconnect the USB drive.

Reconnect the USB drive and click “OK”.

When the initialization program recognizes the reconnection of the USB drive, click “OK”. When the program recognizes the USB drive, the USB drive status can be checked on the title bar of the initialization program.

  • When the USB drive is recognized
  • When the USB drive is not recognized

When the USB drive is not properly recognized by the initialization program, reconnect the flash drive to the PC again.

The following message will appear after the format is completed. To use the USB drive, reconnect to the PC one more time.