The latest version of SECUDRIVE USB Office has been released. The latest version of the initialization tool is available at the . Using the downloaded program, the USB flash drive can be updated. Make sure to backup the files onboard before initialization. You can learn more details about initialization at ‘Initialization program for SECUDRIVE USB products’. (03/16/2016) 
svcmng.dll (v3.6.4.601) Updated (02/11/2016) 
svcmng.dll (v3.6.2.588) Updated (12/16/2015) Windows 10 OS support
svcmng.dll (v3.6.2.585) Updated (11/24/2014) Added process hash check feature to access the secure zone
Supports a portable program running in secure zone
Updated svcmng.dll( (07/21/2014) svcmng.dll( updated (04/07/2014) Fixed master token detection issue in Windows 8.1
svcmng.dll( updated (05/15/2013) Added offline authentication for the TMUSB anti-virus program license
svcmng.dll( updated (02/07/2013) Bug fix. (01/09/2013) Compatible with Windows 8. (07/20/2012) Bug fix. (06/14/2012) Adjusted time out for HID mode with user rights in Windows XP. (02/27/2012) Stabilized CD-ROM Eject operation. Added application selection in the list and allowed network setup per application. (01/24/2012) Applied Trend Micro USB Security 2.0. Patch build 1108 to SECUDRIVE USB V model. Fixed a frequent pop-up of removable disk scan and fix when connecting the USB drive. (01/08/2012) Fixed the logout right after login in SD 100 model. (12/02/2011) Fixed error of momentary exposure of the secure zone and close when logging in.
Fixed error of gradual reduction of center watermark text when printing. (09/03/2011) Fixed error regarding capitalization when setting the password (occurred only on SD200 model).
Login program will be terminated when CD-ROM is ejected.