Brainzsquare releases SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection, a new copy protection solution for software into the market. SECUDRIVE Software Copy protection provides 2048-bit RSA algorithm based execution file copy protection, which denies access to software applications unless the user has the USB dongle. Software developers can now protect their software from illegal copy.

San Jose, CA.-October 7, 2013– Brainzsquare releases SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection, a new copy protection solution for software into the market. SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection provides software developers copy protection, preventing illegal copying of their important software.

An enormous amount of work goes into developing software programs and applications, but with illegal torrents, downloading, and file sharing of software growing ever larger in today’s technology, piracy is a big concern for software developers. Another major concern of software developers are ill intentions of customers who buy single licenses of software and illegally copy them to use on multiple devices.

Software developers can now rest easy knowing that there is a copy protection solution out there for their important software. SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection provides 2048-bit RSA algorithm, which denies access to the software application unless the user has a USB dongle provided by the software developer.

This solution protects an application’s execution file by generating both 2048-bit RSA public and private keys. The private key is saved in the USB dongle and cannot be leaked out, keeping your program secure. Without this dongle, users cannot execute the application file unless the dongle with the private key is provided and connected to the PC. For developers using program source or user developed programs, an execution file can be protected at the program coding phase by using the SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection provided API. Both the code and data sections of an execution file are encrypted, and the application can only be launched when the public and private keys match. This protects the software from unauthorized copy and use on multiple devices by customers.

If the software is found to be illegally shared and downloaded via unauthorized sites, developers who apply SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection to their software can prevent people from using it due to the necessity of the token. If and only if the dongle is given to a user for the software, the application will become executable.

“SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection is an anti-piracy solution developed by Brainzsquare to protect software developers and their important software from illegal share and use. Even if the software has been downloaded by users from an illegal download website, the application will not work unless the dongle is plugged into the PC. This solution is a step towards anti-piracy and the protection of software developers,” said Simon Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare.

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