SECUDRIVE USB Office: Copy Protected USB flash drive for your important documents.

Brainzsquare releases SECUDRIVE USB Office, a new, copy protected USB solution with hardware encryption and password protection which secures confidential documents. This secure USB solution comes with validity settings, security policies, and detailed event logs to prevent confidential documents from being leaked whether by accident or with malicious intent.
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A cost effective security solution for offline situations in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments: SECUDRIVE USB series.

How is it good policy to turn off security when it is needed most? It’s not.
When introducing a strong internal information leakage prevention system into an organization, a common complaint is that it hinders their efficiency. Therefore, many organizations aim to establish a transparent system where employees are virtually unaffected by the information security system.
Under a transparent security system, everything is done through a network where the manager can monitor employee actions. If any confidential files need to be sent out of the office, it will need to get approval from a manager and if using a hard copy, a watermarked version will be used. So it seems that data can be fairly well controlled from within the office.
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Features of SECUDRIVE USB Office:

  • Copy Protection: Features of Copy Protection include: disabling screen capture tools, disabling of copy & paste/save as functions, controlled printing with optional watermarks, and file transfer prevention via e-mail or local PC.
  • Validity Settings: Administrators can now set validity settings by using USB Office. Validity settings allow administrators to control the time period and how many times a user can view the contents on the USB Office flash drive.
  • Detailed Event Log: Detailed event logs allow administrators to see how and when the files on the USB has been used, and by which users. This allows administrators to monitor activity and prevent unauthorized use of the content.
  • SECUDRIVE USB Office is embedded with anti-virus program: SECUDRIVE USB Office prevents malicious codes from entering into the USB flash drive with an embedded anti-virus program. When files are infected inside the device, the anti-virus program quarantines them. 1 year of pattern and engine update service is included, free of charge.
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