Secudrive Data Security in Various Industries and Organizations

An electronics company implements secure file-link sharing on Windows server for leakage-prevented collaboration.
Energy Company
An energy company implements alternative to VDI solution in office locations where network connection is scarce.
IT Asset Disposition Service
IT asset disposition service provides most optimal disk wiping process for clients.
Financial Consultancy
Financial consulting firm requires a content-aware, data leakage prevention to export and track confidential data.
Tech Company
A Tech company implements leakage-prevented data transportation to comply with partner’s security requirements.
Bank/Life Insurance
A bank implements encrypted USB drives for general use with security and management features.
Credit Card
Credit card company implements remote disk wiping for computers located in multiple branch offices around the world.
Enterprise SW Provider
An enterprise establishes data leakage prevention compatible with DFS and WSFC enterprise architecture environments.
Engineering Consultancy
A global engineering consulting company sets up data security and leakage prevention for its intellectual properties.
Bank/Life Insurance
Bank requires disk wiping of all machines after software development project.