Developers Working from Home with the Security of the Office Network using a VPN


S Company is a startup mobile app company that has a handful of developers working from home or public locations. They want to make sure that their App data and designs are not being leaked through their developers PCs or through their home or public networks.
The startup company has a their own Virtual Private Network so their developers can use it to access their company network and work in a secure environment, but they often forget and have connected to public and home networks before.
Regardless of whether or not they connect to the VPN, S Company is worried that they might be accidentally leaking files through the USB or sending files through the network and would like to block that from happening, especially if their users are not on the VPN. So they want to block WiFi except authorized secure WiFi Access Points such as their office WiFi and if they need internet access, they have to do so through the VPN.


SECUDRIVE Device Control Enterprise


• Prevent data leaks from the PC, especially if they are not connected to the VPN
• Block all devices and ports of the PC
• Enforce developers to use VPN if they want to use any WiFi or network on company laptops


SECUDRIVE offers a data leakage protection solution that is not only, easy and simple to implement, but offers the ability to have split dual policies. By working with the dual policies and VPN compatibility settings, S Company was able to make a situation where their developers were required to connect to a VPN in order to work from home, otherwise, their WiFi and network functions are turned off. So, if they want to work from home or out in the public, they can do so in a safe manner.

Offline yet Online

SECUDRIVE Device Control Enterprise (DCE) has a dual policy system which allows for separate online and offline policies. When paired with the VPN connection feature, when the developers’ PCs are connected to the VPN, they will still be considered “Online” hence will follow the Online Policy.
Once they are no longer connected to the VPN, they will switch back to the Offline Policy, which is much stricter and blocks network and WiFi connections to prevent data leaks caused by unsecured networks. All ports will be blocked as well so the PC is effectively isolated from the outside world, unable to send data or export data through the ports.

Wi-fi Blocking

Using SECUDRIVE Device Control Enterprise’s WiFi controls, S Co. was able to block all foreign WiFi Access Points and only allow secured WiFi channels. By doing so, the PCs will only be connected to secure networks, preventing leaks caused by unsecure networks.

Block Ports and Devices

The company did not want any of the ports to be used regardless of being online or offline. So they simply blocked all USB devices and ports of the PCs so data isn’t being transferred out of the PC.