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When erasing the Windows hard disk, including the OS, it was necessary to use an exclusive device for HDD erase or a degausser. This was a tedious and time consuming task for a beginner to safely dispose of a hard disk. Another method of safely disposing of a hard disk was by using a disk erasing program. This method is also inefficient since the user had to change the boot device for OS erase. For someone who is not a computer wiz, the disk erase process could be a burden if they have to deal with the BIOS setup of the PC.

SECUDRIVE solves these problems and presents the ultimate solution to fully erase the hard disk. By using SECUDRIVE disk erase solutions, the PC automatically reboots and starts the erase process for the hard disks connected to the PC including OS. Without the need of BIOS setup or HDD connection/disconnection, SECUDRIVE disk erase program is easy to use and efficient for multiple PC erase. The one click disk erase system even allows a beginner to be able to erase multiple disks simultaneously, without pulling out their hair in the process.

Disk Erase Products SECUDRIVE One Click
disk wiping solution
Other vendor’s disk
erase S/W
Exclusive device for HDD erase Degausser
Removing hard drive from a PC or laptop Not Needed Not Needed Needed Needed
Changing Computer BIOS Settings Not Needed Needed Not Needed Not Needed
Simultaneous erase Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible
Hard Disk Recycling Possible Possible Possible Not Possible
Convenience High Mid Low Low
The following video clips will show you how to erase a laptop by SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable and view erase log after the process is done.

USB Mounting
Running and Configuration
PC Reboot
Logging and End of the Process
Viewing Erase Log
SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable provides a simultaneous disk wipe function through multithread erasing, that makes it possible to drastically reduce erasing time for 2 or more hard disks per PC.
High Speed Disk Wiping Product

Erasing mode Sequential Erase Parallel Erase
One 4GB USB drive 15 min 15 min
Two 4GB USB drive 30 min 15 min
Two 4GB USB drive and one 40GB HDD 40 min 15 min

*There could be a variation on the time taken to delete hard disks. The type of deletion mechanism performed, type of hard drive, amount of PCs being deleted simultaneously, and other variables will affect the time needed to delete the hard drive.