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GDPR at a Glance

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Data Protection by Design and by Default

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Come May 25, 2018, global organizations and businesses of all sizes and industries will be explicitly required to implement appropriate technical measures to comply with the GDPR if they wish to either operate in the EU or process EU citizen’s personal data.

The GDPR Article 25, “Data Protection by Design and by Default,” is the key starting point, and implementing the right data security solutions will prove to be a major step forward.

Adhering to our commitment to providing reliable data security solutions to prevent insider threats and external cyber attacks, Secudrive introduces four of its solutions that will guide global businesses and organizations to comply with the GDPR.

Confidential personal data must be first classified and isolated in designated data repositories, which are protected against data leakage threats from both inside and out.

Protecting the confidential personal data begins by storing it in one or more secure data repositories like file servers that are separate from, but accessible by individual PCs via local network with efficiency. Then, a granular data security system must be implemented to ensure that only the authorized users access specific files and folders.

Secudrive File Server is a data loss prevention (DLP) solution with digital rights management (DRM) against internal data leaks, which has become one of the most troublesome security threats. Furthermore, application whitelisting prevents external cyber attacks like ransomware. It provides visibility into the file servers by logging all user and file activities for real-time monitoring and future audits.

Its seamless integration with existing environment and straightforward UI help businesses and organizations establish solid data security system even for small-and-medium businesses with limited capital and IT resources.

Data leaks via endpoint ports leave no traces for you to identify “what, who, when, and how.”

Availability of various ports is a double-edged sword. While it provides organizations to easily exchange confidential data, even in large volumes with speed, it dangerously raises a possibility of data leaks that do leave no traces for a swift and effective response. Therefore, organizations must either completely restrict or temporarily permit these ports.

Secudrive Device Control regulates various ports like USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, and IEE 1394, and monitors storage devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, and smartphones connected to endpoint ports. It is a double-advantage solution, as it provides temporary port permission under real-time surveillance to maintain data security, along with uninterrupted work productivity.

If organizations consider the permanent blocking, or the temporary permission of USB ports an inefficient option, they can consider designating certain USB drives with reliable and persistent security features in and out of secure premises.

Confidential personal data must be transported on storage devices, imbued with a trusted security system that one would expect in a secure office premises.

Ordinary USB drives are simply not good enough to transport confidential personal data, as the usage and management of USB drives cannot be controlled or monitored. Besides, the best security they can achieve is software encryption, which is hackable and also vulnerable to accidental or malicious data leaks. Even worse, in the unfortunate cases of loss or theft, there is simply nothing that can be done proactively to stop the stored data from leaking.

Secudrive USB Drive Solution is a two-part security system with HW-encrypted USB drives and USB Management Software (UMS) that ensures safe storage and management of confidential personal data, and protection against data leaks even out of office. HW encryption with AES-256 crypto chip blocks unauthorized access without passwords. For added security and management, UMS provides simultaneous management of multiple USB drives and swift response to thefts and losses, remotely via the centralized console.

As an added security against potential insider threats, Secudrive USB Drives introduce a security innovation by incorporating the digital rights management, just as in Secudrive File Server.

Deleting your data on the PCs is not the end; the deleted data may not be visible, but is still recoverable.

As time passes, PCs will depreciate to a point where they are sent for disposal. However, PC disposal is no easy task that can be done by anyone; it is a professional service rendered at specialized facilities out of office. What organizations must acknowledge is that danger of data leak will persist due to potential loss or theft while in transit.

Secudrive Sanitizer eliminates such danger by providing an assured data wiping for the organizations, within secure, on-site premises. Furthermore, only a few clicks will complete the wiping process, which can be initiated even while the operating system is running.

It can be distributed to PCs in different locations to perform multiple data wiping processes online, which will be monitored from a central location.

For more information and insights on the GDPR, and how to prepare for the new Regulation by May 25 2018, read our blog series below.

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