Portable Desktop for Dropbox

Endpoint Cloud Protection 

Many businesses are now working and collaborating in the cloud, which has presented an array of new security issues. While cloud services like Dropbox allow easy file transfer and storage, it is important to have client-side protection tools to prevent data leakage and file theft. SECUDRIVE Portable Desktop for Dropbox is a USB-based cloud storage system that works together with your Dropbox account to provide the cloud security necessary to protect your most critical documents.

  • Control File Access & Security Settings per User via Manager Program
  • Prevent Printing (or Allow Watermark Printing Only)
  • Set Security Settings for Offline/Remote Use
  • Prevent Data Transfers through Messengers & Email
  • Remotely Render USBs Unavailable
  • No Data is Saved to the Local PC

Watch the video for more information.