File Server Security

Secudrive File Server prevents data leaks from the shared folders on file servers or network attached storage (NAS) by establishing a secure file sharing environment. As confidential data are valuable assets to the growth and success of any enterprise, keeping them in your server safely and out of personal PCs is just as essential.

USB Security and Management

Secudrive USB drives provide reliable data security on-the-go, with hardware-based AES 256-bit data encryption, remote management, and Trend Micro USB Security™. The Office and CAD Series exclusively provides the remote management and copy-protection features, working hand in hand with Secudrive USB Management Software.

USB Copy Protection

Secudrive USB Copy Protection helps enterprises to produce copy-protected USB drives to securely distribute and remotely manage publications or media contents. It integrates security and management features to any ordinary USB drives, preventing unauthorized copying and distribution of contents, and helping to update the USB drive contents remotely.

Device Control

Secudrive Device Control regulates the access of various ports such as Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth, as well as pre-designated portable and storage devices. It monitors all external storage devices that are connected PCs, preventing internal data breach.

Disk Erasure

Secudrive Disk Erasure is a one-click solution to completely and simultaneously wipe all data on multiple PCs to restrict data recovery and leakage. Prior to selling or disposal of used PCs, wiping all data is a necessity to eliminate any possibility of data being recovered, or even worse, leaked outside.