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Monitor and protect your files when using a Windows file server.

Using a file server to distribute confidential files for collaboration can come with great risk. There is a greater chance of unauthorized copying of files and data leakage if the file server runs without protection.

With SECUDRIVE File Server, administrators can monitor and control how files are used. Users registered to the file server can have copy control settings applied to them so files cannot be copied out of the file server or cloud server without the administrator’s approval. With detailed event logs that record user and file activity, you can always keep track of your shared files. File Server is compatible with either Office or CAD applications such as Microsoft Office suite or Autodesk programs, respectively.

Copy Protection
SECUDRIVE File server comes with a copy protection feature that is compatible with a multitude of application programs.

Compatible with Cloud servers, DFS, and WebDAV systems to match any environment. Also, detects all preexisting users, groups, permissions, and shared folders. Integrated with Windows Active Directory.

Encrypted File Export
Export files as encrypted files to transport files between authorized file servers with SECUDRIVE File Server installed or authorized SECUDRIVE Manageable USBs. Files will be automatically decrypted once the encrypted files are imported into the authorized SECUDRIVE File Server or SECUDRIVE Manageable USB.

User identification and authentication
The user must install the SECUDRIVE File Server Client(SDFC) program on the user’s PC to have access to the shared folder. Computers without the SDFC program will not be able to access the shared folder. SECUDRIVE File Server supports both Windows local accounts and an AD environment, requiring no special user management.

Controls accessible processes
Only an authorized application by the administrator can access the shared folder on the file server.
The administrator can choose which applications to allow. Unregistered applications in the list are prevented from accessing the file server.

Detailed Event logs
Detailed event log of file usage is collected such as file reading, writing, renaming, changing, creating, deletion, file leakage prevention, copying, and pasting.

Server Backup files
Only an authorized user can copy a file from the server to one’s PC. The copied file is automatically backed up for future security auditing.

Office and CAD versions
When installing SECUDRIVE File Server, you can choose between the Office and CAD edition which will have their own respective set of compatible applications catered for your office environment or your computer-aided design environment.

Server program
OS Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012 R2 (32-bit and 64-bit OS)
Client program
OS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit OS)
Copy Protected Office Applications
Documentation MS Office XP/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), OpenOffice Writer/Calc/Impress, Word Viewer, Excel Viewer, Foxit Reader, Docuworks Desk 7/Viewer 7
Design Adobe CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6 Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash, Paint, Picasa3, Picasa Photo Viewer 3
Multimedia Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, BS Player, GOM Player, KMPlayer, Adobe Flash Player
Editor Sakura Editor, TeraPad, EditPlus, UltraEdit, Notepad, Notepad++, Wordpad
Zip WinRAR, Lhaplus, 7-zip
Web Browser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
Copy Protected CAD Applications
CAD Programs AutoCAD 2004~2016, 3DS Max, Maya, CAM350, DraftSight, DWG TrueView 2008, DWGEditor, eDrawings, OrCAD, P-CAD, Solid Edge ST, PTC Creo Parametric 2.0
Dassault Systems Products CATIA, Solidworks
Siemens PLM Software Unigraphics NX
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Manual Version 5.0 File Server Manual
Version 6.0 Download Program*
Catalog File Server Catalog
*Program will not run without a license key. Please purchase a license key or contact us for a trial license key to use the program.

Does the SECUDRIVE File Server program encrypt a file saved in the server?
No, it does not encrypt a file in the server. SECUDRIVE File Server provides a copy protection feature, preventing a file on the shared folder of the server from being copied to a local PC.

Multiple users need to access the file server on a LAN environment. We want to allow them to work on the server but prevent them from copying the files to the local PC. Is this available?
Yes, SECUDRIVE File Server allows users to work on a shared folder of the Windows file server while only allowing them to save their work back to the file server.

Can the SDFS program on the server prevent a file from be deleted?
To prevent a shared file from being deleted, you should set read-only to the folder, using your OS operation. The SECUDRIVE File Server program provides file copy protection, print protection, and screen capture prevention features which are not provided by the Windows OS.

The list of applications provided by SECUDRIVE File Server does not include one that I use. Can’t I protect my files using this program?
If your application is not included in the list of applications provided by SECUDRIVE File Server, that program cannot access the shared folder of the server. By disabling the copy protection feature, the program can make an access to the folder. File event log is also gathered.

What kind of file event is collected?
SECUDRIVE File Server gathers operation time, MAC address/IP address of the PC, the name of the PC, and file usage in detail.

Does the file event log display when who did what?
Yes, you can view user ID, PC information, name of a file, file usage and etc.

Is the saved log deleted or backed up automatically?
SECUDRIVE File Server collects daily event log file but does not delete or backup automatically. The administrator needs to delete or backup the log file when necessary.

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