Secudrive Data Security for Enterprises

Enterprise data is your most valuable, yet vulnerable asset that requires dependable and intricate security system against both internal and external threats. Secudrive provides complete and trusted data loss prevention (DLP) solutions for file servers and USB drives to keep your enterprise data well-protected, in and out of office premises.

Secudrive File Server

Considered as essential to any enterprises, a file server is an IT infrastructure for storing and sharing confidential and valuable files such as business proposals, engineering blueprints, and private customer information. Secudrive File Server is a straightforward, reliable security solution that prevents internal data leaks and external ransomware attacks with digital rights management, real-time monitoring of file and user activity logs, and application whitelisting.

Secudrive USB Drive Solutions

Sharing confidential files with multiple colleagues or business partners out of your office requires data security of the standard you would expect from a secure enterprise workspace.
Secudrive USB Drive Solutions ensure that your confidential data remains secure from malicious or accidental data leaks with AES-256 hardware encryption, remote USB drive lock and data wiping, digital rights management, and collection of USB drive event logs.

Secudrive USB Copy Protection

USB drives have emerged as the widely accepted means to distribute important intellectual properties such as video lectures, technical documents, and marketing materials, but they are prone to leakage during and after distribution. Secudrive USB Copy Protection produces secure USB drives integrated with digital rights management, remote USB drive lock and data wiping, and online content update to help enterprises to distribute their intellectual properties.

The GDPR is now in effect. Are you all set for compliance?

Protect your confidential data against insider threats and external cyber attacks with Secudrive’s GDPR-compliant data security solutions.

File Server Security

Secudrive File Server prevents data leaks from shared folders on the file servers or network attached storage (NAS) by establishing a secure file sharing environment.

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USB Security and Management

Secudrive USB drives provide reliable data security on-the-go, with hardware-based AES 256-bit data encryption, remote management, and Trend Micro USB Security™.

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USB Copy Protection

Secudrive USB Copy Protection helps enterprises to produce copy-protected USB drives to securely distribute and remotely manage publications or media contents.

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Device Control

Secudrive Device Control regulates the access of various ports such as Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth, as well as pre-designated portable and storages.

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Disk Erasure

Secudrive Disk Erasure is a one-click solution to completely and simultaneously wipe all data on multiple PCs to restrict data recovery and leakage.

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Is File Encryption Enough?

What if the insiders decrypt confidential data and deliver them to unauthorized parties?


Is DLP Enough Then?

What if employees want to share confidential data safely with colleagues or partners, out of office?


Secudrive Data Security and Management

Secure and Collaborative Workspace

Files cannot be taken out from the workspace yet can be edited within the workspace. Administrator can control user rights and monitor file activities remotely.

Secure and Manageable USB Drives

Hardware encrypted USB drives can be managed and monitored by IT administrators, with functions to wipe data, lock USB drives, update policies, and view activity logs remotely.


Easy and Seamless Implementation

Secudrive is a drive-based data security system that is more practical and easier to both operate and manage, relative to file-based security system.

Secudrive Data Security Solutions Are Protecting Confidential Data Of Global Enterprises

We help thousands of customers and partners across the globe to establish reliable data security and prevent data leaks from both internal and external threats.


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