How TMUSB works with EICAR virus

If the USB flash drive is used on unknown public PCs such as ones in school libraries, internet cafés and airports, the flash drive is now vulnerable to viral infections.

The impact of an infected USB drive can be disastrous, especially because when it is connected to other PC’s it can infect them as well. If the USB drive with the virus is connected to a lab PC, where years of research are stored, all of the data can be completely erased or stolen (refer to the article “Protect USB drive from virus infection!“).

The following video shows how the vaccine program, embedded in the USB drive, can prevent the EICAR virus from infecting the USB drive. The infected file can be safely moved to the quarantine zone.

** What is the EICAR virus?
The EICAR virus is not an actual virus, but acts like a virus, based on its pattern analysis. It is widely used to test various vaccine programs.