SECUDRIVE Newsletter No.1: SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Release


Brainzsquare releases a USB based hard disk erasure solution for secure computer disposal.

Hard disk erasing is often a subject that is brought up when it comes to PC recycling or disposal. The person in charge of handling the PC often feels unsecure when he sells or discards used PCs because of possible data recovery by third party persons later. It could end up being a disaster to a company. Whether it be someone who has to recycle or throw out multiple PCs or if its a simple erase job at the office, a secure erase process is necessary to prevent data leakage.
In order to respond to the needs of these customers, Brainzsquare Co. Ltd. (Headquarter: Seoul Korea, CEO: Seongeun Kang, URL: www.secudrives.com) releases a new full disk erasure product.

SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable is a USB based disk erasure solution for the recycling or disposal of multiple PCs. This product adopts a one-click disk wiping program and provides a multithreading erase operation for various storage devices connected to the PC. After a few mouse clicks after plugging in the SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable to the PC, the erase process starts with a computer reboot.

SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable boasts its uniqueness in operation. First, the product is very easy to use. While other disk erase products require booting by a CD or a USB flash drive, SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable only requires a user to connect the product to the PC and to click several times. Even if you aren’t a PC guru, you shouldn’t have difficulties in running the program.

Second, a user can select which disk drive to erase among various drives connected to the PC. Sometimes, a user just wants to erase external HDDs rather than the local hard disk. Other users may need to wipe out USB flash drives on a regular basis. The selective disk erase feature provides a user with control, convenience and a flexible security measure.

By disconnecting the USB flash drive during PC reboot after running the erase program, a user can continue to erase multiple PCs without waiting for each process to end.

There are various hardware and software type disk erase solutions in the market and each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable boasts superior features compared to that of other products. “We hope to help our customers easily proceed with recycling or disposal of multiple PCs in the office without concerns about data leakage by a third party,” said Seongeun Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare.

Brainzsquare has embedded worldwide known erase algorithms, making the erased information of the hard disk irrecoverable by tools. A user can also select which algorithm to use. If you are interested in the product, please check out the below link.

SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable :


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