USB Diagnostic Program User Guide

SECUDRIVE USB Diagnostic Tool is a program to check out the status of SECUDRIVE USB products. This program allows the user to make a diagnosis for any SECUDRIVE USB connected to the PC. If the SECUDRIVE USB starts to malfunction, the user can quickly make a diagnosis by executing the USB Diagnostic Program. This program also displays the USB’s serial number along with other information that should be sent when registering for technical support in order to reduce the time taken to fix the problem.

[ Download SECUDRIVE USB Diagnostic Tool ]

1. Plug in the SECUDRIVE USB flash drive to the PC.

2. Execute SECUDRIVE USB Diagnostic Tool and click on the “Diagnosis” button.

3. Wait a few seconds and the USB flash drive’s information will be displayed by SECUDRIVE Diagnostic Tool.

4. The programwill display the device’sserial number, storage capacity, and status.

5. The S/W version is the version of the software installed on the CD-Rom area of the USB flash drive.

6. Click on “Export” to save the displayed information on a TEXT file. Send this information when registering for technical support, this will greatly reduce the time taken to fix the problem.