Protecting the data in your NAS device with copy protection

Information is everything for businesses. Whether it is for small/medium businesses or for Google, information and data needs be efficiently accessed and properly managed in order to run any company smoothly. Fortunately, network technologies are growing faster than ever before, providing easy accessibility in regards to sharing data.

In the work environment, the NAS device is one of the most preferred methods for sharing files through network connections. The first benefit that many users will notice is the ease of operating the device. Pre-installed OS and simple configuration allows SMBs (who often lack a professional IT administrator in charge) to effortlessly share and handle a large amount of data and files.

If you have a network, NAS will work with just a few steps. Secondly, you can increase the availability of data by using RAID (redundant array of independent disks). For SMBs that have a large quantity of data to handle but have limited staff, the NAS couldn’t be more fitting to perform the best cost-effective operation when managing and sharing the stored data.

As with any file sharing, security measures have to be taken into consideration. Can you imagined what would happen if the data was improperly managed and illegally shared? In a business environment, the data stored into the NAS device could be accessed by any user connected to the same network. Mismanagement of your NAS device could result in the leak of confidential data.

Security administrators must take action against file leakage by setting up security protocol or risk losing confidential data. It would be unwise to leave company files unprotected and to have a loose attitude towards data security is an equation for failure.

SECUDRIVE NAS provides both pre-security and post-security measure management systems. With pre-security measures, the data in the NAS device are protected with copy protection features. At this stage the user is only authorized to open, edit and save a file back into the NAS device, not to the local PC or removable storage devices. The files can also prohibit printing, screen capturing, and attaching the files to emails and messenger services. For post-security measures, a detailed log about the usage of the file is recorded on a daily basis. The administrator is able to view the user of the file, as well as the time and usage purpose for each log recorded. SECUDRIVE NAS runs on various NAS devices allowing you to use it whether it is on a Windows storage server, a Linux based server or any specific NAS devices.

By taking all of the stated security measures, the administrator can truly share and store his or her company’s data in a NAS device safely and efficiently, enjoying convenience and availability with the support that only SECUDRIVE NAS provides.