SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection Release Notes

The latest version of SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection has been released. (12/16/2015)
svcmng.dll( updated (10/23/2015)
Supports Windows 10
svcmng.dll( updated (11/25/2014)
Updated svcmng.dll( (07/21/2014)
Updated svcmng.dll( (04/06/2014)
Supports USB flash drives that are recognized as a local hard disk
Updated svcmng.dll( (9/14/2013)
Fixed the program for remote desktop operation
Updated svcmng.dll( (8/4/2013)
Updated scvmng.dll( (7/31/2013)
Fixed the internet time server sync list display error (7/27/2013)
Renamed as SECUDRIVE USB Copy ProtectionFixed the program for automatic calculation of empty space of a target folder at creating an image file
Updated scvmng.dll( (5/22/2013)
Updated scvmng.dll( (2/04/2013)
Bug fix. (1/13/2013)
Compatible with Windows 8. (12/02/2012)
Removed limitation on the size of the image file with maximum 16GB.
Improved image file creation speed. (08/22/2012)
Fixed a crash error of the Login.exe program when executed in Parallels on Macbook Air with Windows 7. (07/20/2012)
Bug fix. (06/19/2012)
Bug fix. (06/13/2012)
Bug fix. (04/02/2012)
Bug fix. (03/14/2012)
Changed the way to create an image file.Changed the way to create an USB flash drive.
Added a feature for a user to create multiple image files and selectively login.
Fixed an error of manual content size setup. (03/01/2012)
Enhanced authentication feature of the trial license key.
Enhanced safe removal of the USB drive.Changed the default setting as ‘Show Tray icon’ In [Login] tab. (02/27/2012)Fixed for selective operation of hash code file use when registering user-developed application. (01/03/2012)
Fixed registration error of the file name with special character when registering a user-developed application. (11/28/2011)
Fixed the failure when loading the process list on certain XP PCs.
Fixed the process registration error with a non-English execution file name on certain PCs. (10/25/2011)
Added trial version feature with a license key input. Trial version supports a single copy protected USB with 30-day validity. (10/13/2011)
Enhanced speed to mount secure zone after executing Login.exe. (09/27/2011)
Fixed a file system error in creating a large image file more than 4GB. (08/17/2011)
Illustrated how to execute the program on USB drive; Login.exe, with administrative rights at first use with images.