Working on multiple and shared computers, is this a potential security risk?

Written by Judy

Today’s technology promotes owning multiple devices. Phones, computers, tablets, people are constantly connected to some form of technology. You can bet that at least one those devices are shared with other users, especially at work.

Do you use multiple computers at work or share your computer with other users at home? With all the devices connecting us to important data, it can present a hectic security issue. In this case, data integrity and security can be compromised when sharing and working with multiple computers. We have a solution.

SECUDRIVE USB Personal is a hardware encrypted security USB with password authentication and five features from the Privacy Protection Suite:
Hide Folder: Don’t we all have folders that we want to keep private when sharing our computer? With the Hide Folder feature, the folder you hide will only appear when USB personal is plugged in.
File Encryption: Although USB Personal contains hardware encryption, you can also encrypt specific files with this feature to prevent others from looking at private files on your computer.
Secure Backup: You should always backup your files, especially if they’re important to you. With secure backup, data on USB personal will be backed up onto your desktop.
File Sync: Working on multiple computers can get hectic and dangerous. With automatic file sync, your data remains safe and in order.
File Eraser: Completely and irreparably erases specific files to prevent others from finding it with data recovery tools.

So for those who want data protection on the computers they share with their family at home, or with co-workers at the office, USB Personal is there to protect you. Users that deal with multiple PCs can maintain data integrity between PCs by using the features of File Sync and Secure backup. Users that share their PC with others can maintain privacy and security of files stored on the shared PC by using features like Hide Folder, File Encryption, and File Eraser.

Privacy and data protection so simple, right at your fingertips.