Brainzsquare releases SECUDRIVE USB Personal into the market: A Data Protection suite wrapped inside a secure USB flash drive.

SECUDRIVE by Brainzsquare has data protection with the SECUDRIVE USB Personal which combines a data protection software suite within a password protected, AES 256-bit hardware encrypted, and vaccine program equipped USB flash drive. Data protection software includes Hide Folder, File Encryption, Secure Backup, File Sync, and File Eraser in order to provide a higher level of protection for private data in a public and shared PC environment.

April 3, 2013– San Jose, CA– A specialized IT security company, Brainzsquare has announced its release of SECUDRIVE USB Personal (SDUP) into the market.

A data protection software based USB flash drive, SDUP caters to those who work with or share multiple computers, whether at home or at the office. SDUP is embedded with the AES 256-bit hardware encryption chip and has additional features such as Auto-lock which automatically locks the USB after a set amount of time, and USB Destruction, which irreparably deletes all data in the USB after 10 failed login attempts. This prevents data from being seen by unauthorized and prying eyes even if the USB is lost or stolen.

SDUP contains five data protection software: Hide Folder, File Encryption, Secure Backup, File Sync, and File Eraser. By dragging and dropping a file or folder into the respective data protection program, users can easily encrypt individual files, hide folders on PCs, set up file synchronization, and permanently erase files. Encrypted backup files are unreadable without the correct password and can be saved from the USB to the PC as well. SDUP also includes a 1-year license of anti-virus vaccine program to prevent virus infection of sensitive files.
SDUP can be used in settings where multiple PCs or a shared PC environment is involved. In providing wide-range protection, SECUDRIVE USB Personal safeguards the user on both aspects. Multiple PC users can maintain data integrity between PCs by using File Sync and Secure Backup. Shared PC users can maintain privacy of files stored onto the shared PC by utilizing Hide Folder, File Encryption, and File Eraser. By combining both fronts and hardware encryption, SECUDRIVE USB Personal simplifies data protection for any PC.

Brainzsquare will be hosting various promotional events for SECUDRIVE USB Personal’s launch. More information is available on our website at https://www.secudrives.com.

About Brainzsquare:
Founded in 2000, Brainzsquare has been serving specialized and innovative data security solutions in the market. In 2006, with the launch of the SECUDRIVE product line, Brainzsquare provides products ranging from secure USB flash drives and data erasure products to copy protection software, device control, and file server security for corporate customers and content publishers.

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