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SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection Released

Specialized copy protection software, SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection offers the highest caliber copy protection solution for digital content and documents. SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection provides advanced copy protection features while offering flexibility and compatibility with custom, user-developed applications.

Brainzsquare announced its release of SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection(SDUCP) a USB copy protection solution into the market.

The USB flash drives have been increasing in popularity due to their convenience, their high capacity storage size and their high-speed performance. More recognized than the CD-ROM when it comes to portable storage, USB drives have been used to distribute high-quality digital content by the media, education systems, government, and others.

SDUCP caters to companies that need copy protection for their digital content and documents when distributing it to others. SDUCP utilizes advanced features such as copy protection that prevents screen capture and printing without authorization, watermark options, validity settings, and DRM policy settings with optional password settings.

SDUCP’s copy protection is compatible with a variety of applications and formats such as HTML, PDF, Flash, multimedia, as well as custom, user-developed applications. SDUCP will interrupt and block the execution of applications except for the ones on the allowed list, and the content owner can simply register the applications via SDUCP’s user interface. There is no need to buy special USB drives because SDUCP also works with normal USB flash drives. SDUCP makes business life easier and more secure by eliminating the excess work of fixing content formatting and having to replace USB drives.

SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection can be used in multiple settings such as small businesses and companies that distribute digital content like educational files, private documents, and more to prevent unauthorized copying. For customers in need of distributing a large quantity of secure content on USB drives, they can take advantage of the high-speed USB duplication system.

“This solution will help content publishers distribute their content easily and expand their business, especially if they deal with high-quality content such as educational files, technical files, E-books, manuals, etc.,” explains Simon Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare.

Brainzsquare offers 30-day trial versions of SDUCP for businesses to try on their website. (

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