SECUDRIVE USB Office Release Notes

The latest version of SECUDRIVE USB Office has been released. (03/16/2016) 
svcmng.dll (v3.6.4.601) Updated (02/11/2016) 
svcmng.dll (v3.6.2.588) Updated (12/16/2015) Windows 10 OS support
svcmng.dll (v3.6.2.585) Updated (11/24/2014) Added process hash check feature to access the secure zone
Supports a portable program running in secure zone
Updated svcmng.dll( (07/21/2014) svcmng.dll( updated (04/07/2014) Fixed master token detection issue in Windows 8.1
svcmng.dll( updated (05/15/2013) Added offline authentication for the TMUSB anti-virus program license
svcmng.dll( updated (02/07/2013) Bug fix. (01/09/2013) Compatible with Windows 8. (07/20/2012) Bug fix. (06/14/2012) Adjusted time out for HID mode with user rights in Windows XP. (02/27/2012) Stabilized CD-ROM Eject operation. Added application selection in the list and allowed network setup per application. (01/24/2012) Applied Trend Micro USB Security 2.0. Patch build 1108 to SECUDRIVE USB V model. Fixed a frequent pop-up of removable disk scan and fix when connecting the USB drive. (01/08/2012) Fixed the logout right after login in SD 100 model. (12/02/2011) Fixed error of momentary exposure of the secure zone and close when logging in.
Fixed error of gradual reduction of center watermark text when printing. (09/03/2011) Fixed error regarding capitalization when setting the password (occurred only on SD200 model).
Login program will be terminated when CD-ROM is ejected.