Secure features of USB Personal: If you are a user of multiple computers

Written by Judy

If you use multiple computers at the office and at home, it can be a difficult task to manage and keep track of all the data files that you work with. This can compromise the quality and security of your data and be a hassle to organize. The data you work on can also be susceptible to corruption. To alleviate that problem, some features of SECUDRIVE USB Personal such as File Sync and Secure Backup function as solutions to these issues.

File Synchronization
Working with multiple computers whether at work or at home can compromise the integrity and organization of your files. A security feature of SECUDRIVE USB Personal is File Sync, which is embedded directly into the USB drive.

By using File Sync on your data, you can keep all your important files up to date and well managed. So whether you’re working on the computer at the office, or on your personal computer at home, as long as you have SECUDRIVE USB Personal on you, all your data will be synchronized and updated on the next computer you are working on. File Sync also has an automated sync option for your convenience.

Secure Backup
By using the Secure Backup feature of SECUDRIVE USB Personal, you can back up and restore your important data so that in the event of file corruption, an up-to-date copy of your files is available. By activating this feature, the data stored on the USB Personal will be converted into an encrypted image file. Decryption will only be available with the correct password input.

Using both of these features, you can now manage files while working on multiple computers, and the best part is that all of your files will be securely synced and backed up.