New information on NSA: If your data is encrypted, the NSA can keep it

Written by Judy

It’s no surprise that more information and dirt is uncovered about the NSA. They have been the hot topic on tech and discussion forums for the past few weeks. There have been many suggested solutions to protecting our private data, such as client side encryption. Client side encryption requires the user to encrypt their confidential data using third party encryption software before storing it on the cloud. By not using encryption services provided by cloud storage providers, the NSA technically would have no way to access the encrypted data.

However, according to an article on Techdirt, now the NSA is able to keep the encrypted data for as long as it takes to decrypt the data, under the speculation that the encrypted data may contain harmful and dangerous information. That may be the case sometimes, but with the number of users utilizing third party encryption software (and we may see the number of encryption users grow exponentially in the coming weeks), this leaves a lot of data for the NSA to have access to.

This doesn’t just affect the cloud. It also affects businesses that rely on servers and networks to keep their company afloat. It affects casual users who don’t want others to view their private or personal information.

While there is nothing yet that can stop the NSA from keeping our encrypted data, we suggest you encrypt your data if you do not want it to be seen by just anyone. Several discussions suggested using the strongest encryption software they could find so that it would take a long time to decrypt.

Right now, Brainzsquare is offering a free year of SECUDRIVE Privacy Protection Suite, a software suite that consists of six utilities, one of them being File Encryption. It’s always better to have security for your cloud data rather than none at all, despite what the NSA is able to do.