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A Way to Prevent Insider Threats

With the growing number of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies being implemented at work, companies are now more concerned about their data security than ever before. As much as a company can trust their employees and coworkers (and we realize that Non-Disclosure Agreements exist for a reason), no company should ever go without data leakage prevention measures. Have you ever worried about accidental or worse, malicious internal data leakages? Once it spreads, it is an arduous task to find the source of the leakage and can lead to inefficiently containing it. This can ruin a company’s reputation for a long time.

Especially those companies that share their important confidential data via file servers throughout the company. Yes, there are benefits to using file servers such as efficient data sharing, collaboration, and the works. However, file servers today come with little too inefficient monitoring capabilities, security, and protection. There are solutions to these current issues that have been brought up in multiple IT discussions such as file encryption, physical isolation of the file server, and antivirus vaccination software.

But these solutions can only curb the dangers from accidental data leakage. How can a company know when a malicious data threat is on the way before it happens? The key is to be prepared and prevent potential data threats. A new copy protection software for file server has been released into the market by Brainzsquare called SECUDRIVE File Server.

Copy Protection to prevent files from being copied and leaked
By applying copy protection to the file server connected to the network drive, administrators can prevent registered users from copying the file to the local disk drive, or other outside sources. Prevention of screen capturing and printing is also included. So even if there was a malicious attempt or accidental cause to copy the data out of the file server and distribute it without authorization, you’d be covered.

A simple User Interface that detects and keeps current file server settings
Don’t fear, file server administrators! By installing SECUDRIVE File Server onto the file server, fill out the file server information and it will automatically detect your current file server settings (users, shared folders, etc.) and keep them when setting up. Registering new users, or new shared folders and setting sharing policies and copy protection policies for each user is simple with SECUDRIVE File Server.

Brainzsquare offers 30-day trial versions of SECUDRIVE File Server on their website.

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