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SECUDRIVE USB Office Released

Brainzsquare releases SECUDRIVE USB Office, a new, copy-protected USB solution with hardware encryption and password protection which secures confidential documents. This secure USB solution comes with validity settings, security policies, and detailed event logs to prevent confidential documents from being leaked whether by accident or with malicious intent.

San Jose, CA-July 9th, 2013-Brainzsquare releases a new, copy-protected USB solution for confidential and private document files, into the market.

Many corporate businesses allow employees to carry confidential documents with them on their USB storage drives. But what can businesses do as an administrator if the employee’s flash drive is lost or stolen? What if there is a malicious intent on copying the confidential documents without an authorization? Brainzsquare has developed a USB solution to solve all these security issues.

With SECUDRIVE USB Office, employees that handle sensitive document files can feel safe carrying them on these specialized flash drives. A unique feature of this USB drive is the copy protection feature which prevents document files from being copied without authorization. The copy protection security feature is compatible and supports the Microsoft Office programs and others. By specifying which application is allowed or disallowed for copying, SECUDRIVE USB Office can prevent document files from being accessed and copied by other programs.

It also comes with hardware encryption and antivirus vaccination software to prevent document files from being leaked or affected by viruses. With several other security features such as validity settings, password protection, auto- lock, and detailed event logs, users can keep track of their documents and prevent data from being leaked if the flash drive is ever lost or stolen.

“SECUDRIVE USB Office is a top-notch USB security solution for business and corporate users due to the nature of the copy protection feature and other security policies. It can be a safe way to carry corporate confidential documents out of the office especially if the company utilizes a virtual desktop infrastructure. By using SECUDRIVE USB Office, users can prevent confidential documents from being leaked even if the USB drive is lost or stolen. It can also prevent private documents from accidental or malicious data leakage,” said Simon Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare.

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