SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Portable Release Notes

The latest version of Sanitizer Portable has been released. (12/14/2015)

Sanitizer Portable 4.0 released (11/16/2014)

Added Direct Report View (8/16/2013)

Updated the program to erase an external HDD without SN (04/28/2013)

Message modification.

Bug fix. (01/24/2013)

Added HTML report creation feature.Added simultaneous disk erase feature in native mode.

Modified USB keyboard detection error in native mode.Improved simultaneous erase operation in Windows application program mode and Windows PE mode.

Bug fix.

Cleared limits on the number of disks for simultaneous erase.
Added selective disk erase feature in Windows mode. (04/09/2012)
Changed the program so the log of the USB flash drive is automatically displayed when running the log viewer program. (02/18/2012)
Added simultaneous erase operation for multiple disks in PE mode. (02/05/2012)
Added selective disk erase feature when booting by Sanitizer Portable USB.

Changed expected erase time based on SATA hard disk. (10/04/2011)
Set power management to OFF if it is set on the PC.Changed program update-type to USB initialization-type.Fixed wrong % mark of deletion if there are more than two hard disks.Added product registration feature (09/01/2011)

Fixed the problem of not recognizing hard disk on certain computers.Changes the order of deleting disks: removable disks (external hard drives, USB drives) first, then hard disk.