SECUDRIVE Newsletter 4: Portable Cloud security


Portable Desktop for Dropbox: a new cloud security solution

Brainzsquare announces the release of SECUDRIVE Portable Desktop for Dropbox, a new cloud security solution for enterprise which can enhance the level of security while still keeping the Dropbox service easy to use. Portable Desktop for Dropbox allows users to share files whenever and wherever using the Dropbox storage on the virtual desktop within the secure USB while allowing administrators to manage and prevent the files from unauthorized copy via copy to local PC, network transfer, and print. Read more>>

Features of SECUDRIVE Portable Desktop for Dropbox:
Safe to use on public computers: All files worked on and edited will remain in the virtual drive within the USB, leaving no traces behind of private data.
Compatible with Dropbox: It comes preinstalled on the virtual drive so all you have to do is authenticate your Dropbox account and go.
Validity Settings: Files encrypted on the flash drive can have validity settings applied such as maximum access amount and valid time period.
Manager Program: Administrators can set security and DRM policies for multiple SECUDRIVE Portable Desktop for Dropbox USB drives at a time. Security policies include password settings, administrator rights, and the option to remotely make a USB drive unusable.
Event log: Administrators also get detailed event logs which record user name, serial number, date, time, and action taken. With this feature, administrators can monitor how files are being used in real time.

Why is cloud service being banned from most corporate offices?

It is undeniable in this day and age how convenient cloud storage has become. It is all about how quickly you can access, share, and collaborate on your data whenever you want and wherever you are. However, this convenience comes with a great price and corporate businesses are starting to pick up on it. Read more>>

About Brainzsquare:
Founded in 2000, Brainzsquare has been serving specialized and innovative data security solutions in the market. Since 2006, with the launch of the SECUDRIVE product line, Brainzsquare has provided products ranging from secure USB flash drives and data erasure products to copy protection software, device control, and file server security solutions for corporate customers and content publishers.
SECUDRIVE is the registered trademark of Brainzsquare.


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