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How to Prevent an Edward Snowden in Your Organization

By now, Edward Snowden is a name that has been heard all around the world. The confidential government documents that Snowden leaked have had a devastating effect on the government and the Obama administration. How Snowden had access to government documents is very blurred in the media, however, one thing is certain; once Snowden did get to the documents he stored them on a normal thumb drive and carried it out of the building.

What if Snowden was an employee at your company? If you handle confidential data that, if leaked could damage the company’s reputation of trust and security, it’s important to apply security to confidential documents on the client’s side before storing them on the server. Hypothetically, if the government or any other companies that fear internal data leakage had SECUDRIVE File Server and SECUDRIVE Device control installed, the incident could have been prevented.

SECUDRIVE provides simple, easy to use data security software that could help businesses protect themselves and their reputation. SECUDRIVE File Server provides copy protection with user authentication, which would only allow authorized and registered users to have access to the server and prevent users from copying or sending documents via email. Administrators would also be able to control which applications are authorized to open documents on the shared folder. Detailed event logs are also provided, which record details such as file activity (read, write, rename, change, create, delete, copy, paste), time, date, and user name in real-time. So if Snowden had tried to take the documents out of the server, he wouldn’t be able to because of the administrator’s security settings. With real-time event logs recorded, administrators would have been able to see when and what Snowden was trying to do with the documents on the server.

With SECUDRIVE Device Control, Snowden would not have been able to connect his thumb drive onto the server in the first place. In a government building, thumb drives are not allowed but in an office, it’s an everyday utility. SECUDRIVE Device Control provides controls of various ports and devices, which can prevent devices from connecting without authorization via USB port, Wireless LAN, CD-RW, DVD-RW, IEEE1394, Bluetooth, Parallel port, Serial port, and IrDA port. The smartphone too can be restricted to the only function as a removable storage device, or only allow it to use MTP, PTP, or tethering connections instead. It also records a detailed event log of when and which devices were connected and used and file activity. Companies can prevent the use of unauthorized devices within and outside of company grounds on employee computers.

Using SECUDRIVE File Server and SECUDRIVE Device Control together can prevent internal data leakages and possibly could have prevented the government’s documents from being leaked. Protect your company today.

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