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SECUDRIVE USB Management Server Release Notes

The latest version of SECUDRIVE USB Management Server has been released. (05/08/2016)
4.0 Version Release (04/05/2016)
svcmng.dll(v3.6.4.601) updated (02/11/2016)
svcmng.dll(v3.6.2.588) updated (12/14/2015)
Added policy to stop leakage protection feature about copy protection USB memory, Office +/CAD+ when online
Fixed error to import/export failure when the file size is 16Byte
Fixed error when installing PC certification program(MSI package) on network drive
svcmng.dll(v3.6.2.585) updated (12/3/2014)
Added File export and import feature
Added TMUSB OFF feature (09/04/2014)
Program release
Combined SUMS and SUMT
Added Features:
Active Directory (AD) integration
AD account name and PC username comparison
TMUSB local update
Inative USB locking
Offline Security question password reset
File Copy Filter
Read-only when USB cannot communicate with server (07/21/2014)
Added file logging feature to SECUDRIVE USB Basic+
svcmng.dll( updated
Added DRM Policy lift feature for specified computer (04/13/2014)
Fixed master token detection issue in Windows 8.1
Added individual policy feature for each usb flash drive
SECUDRIVE USB Basic+ now supports Mac OS
OpenSSL Library(1.0.1g) updated
svcmng.dll( updated
Fixed the program for remote desktop environment
svcmng.dll( update
Added offline authentication for the TMUSB anti-virus program license
svcmng.dll( update
Message modification
Program release

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