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SECUDRIVE USB Management Tool and Server Released

Brainzsquare announced the release of SECUDRIVE USB Management Tool and SECUDRIVE USB Management Server, simple integrated management software solutions that allow administrators to monitor SECUDRIVE secure USB flash drives, set security policies, validity settings, and collect detailed event logs to prevent security risks, into the market.

San Jose, CA-September 3rd, 2013– Brainzsquare announces the release of SECUDRIVE USB Management Tool and SECUDRIVE USB Management Server, simple USB management software solutions that allow administrators to manage, monitor, and set security policies on SECUDRIVE secure USB products, into the market.

Many organizations today require their employees to use secure USB flash drives when using it to carry company data. But with the risk of security breaches and malicious intent from within companies, what administrators need is not only copy protection, but secure USB drives with integrated management.

SECUDRIVE USB Management Tool and SECUDRIVE USB Management Server are here to allow companies to more easily manage, monitor, and secure their company data that are stored on employee USB drives. They are only compatible with SECUDRIVE secure USB drives such as USB Basic+, USB Office+, and USB CAD+. The management software provides administrators with a strong, integrated management system that allow them to name and register up to eight USB flash drives at a time, and set security policies such as password requirements, offline policies, and auto-lock timers. For our copy protected USBs, administrators can set print controls and copy protection for their documents and CAD files.

These management software also come with validity settings that allow administrators to set a valid time period for users to be able to login to their USB drives or use their current passwords, and set the maximum amount of times a user is allowed to login to their device. Administrators can also save policy settings to be able to conveniently access them again when needing to register more secure flash drives.

Another feature is remote destruction which allows administrators to remotely render a USB unavailable. After checking off the box for remotely destroying a USB and saving the policy setting, the user will not be able to access the contents of the secure USB drive the next time it is connected to the network. This is especially useful for companies if employees lose their USB drives, protecting company data from being seen with remote destruction and password protection.

A detailed event log is recorded for all SECUDRIVE USB drives registered, allowing administrators to view USB serial number, user ID, product type, actions taken, date, and time. This aides administrators in monitoring USB activity and can be used for auditing purposes.

“Utilizing SECUDRIVE USB Management Tool and SECUDRIVE USB Management Server’s integrated USB management system, administrators can easily monitor and set security policies from their computer. When combined with the use of our secure, copy-protected USB drives, it provides complete security and prevents confidential company information from being leaked, whether accidentally or intentionally. With the power of SECUDRIVE’s USB Management software, administrators have almost full authority over registered USB drives,” said Simon Kang, CEO of Brainzsquare.

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