SECUDRIVE Newsletter No. 5: USB Copy Protection Solution

SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection: Copy Protection software solution for flash drive content distribution

Brainzsquare announced its release of SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection, a USB copy protection solution into the market. This specialized copy protection software offers the highest caliber copy protection solution for digital content and documents, and provides advanced copy protection features while offering the flexibility and compatibility with custom, user-developed applications.
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Features of SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection:

Compatible with User developed applications: SECUDRIVE USB Copy Protection is not only compatible with public applications such as Acrobat Reader, Windows Media Player, etc. but it is also compatible with portable applications that you have developed yourself (i.e. custom E-book viewer, video player).
DRM and Security policies: This solution provides security settings such as copy protection, validity settings, file encryption, and print control, designed to help content publishers manage and secure their digital content.
Compatible with normal USB flash drives: This software allows administrators to use their own normal USB drives. There is no need to buy specific flash drives to use this solution.

Content Publishers; is your data safe for distribution?

Discs have been the primary method of distribution that content publishers have used for the past decade. With all the copy protection solutions for CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs that are mostly used, we realize that content publishers trade good functions and content formatting issues for the convenience of using their own applications and a secure method to distributing. However, what has been quickly growing is that copy protection for discs are easily bypassed and copied without authority. These methods of distribution are quickly becoming outdated by the increasing advancement of USB storage capacity, security, and portable convenience.

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About Brainzsquare:
Founded in 2000, Brainzsquare has been serving specialized and innovative data security solutions in the market. Since 2006, with the launch of the SECUDRIVE product line, Brainzsquare has provided products ranging from secure USB flash drives and data erasure products to copy protection software, device control, and file server security solutions for corporate customers and content publishers.

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