Pirated Software: Is there an affordable solution?

Written by Judy

With the age of technology and information exchange, there has been a controversial rise of piracy on the internet. You have probably run into these types of sites more than once in your life: unauthorized sites where many cracked and illegally copied software are uploaded to share with others for either a fraction of price or for free. It’s a very easy process, especially because nowadays, sites don’t require users to register on their website. Just find a software app you want to download, and it usually comes in a cracked version with a key.

There was a controversial matter not too recently, called SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) which in short, tried to expand the ability of the U.S. law enforcement to fight against online copyright infringement and trafficking of online counterfeit goods. This meant that if a single website or blog was found to be in contempt of this act, internet service providers, payment facilities, advertising networks and others would be barred from the website. Censorship of this magnitude is controversial because this proposed legislation threatened free speech and innovation, violating the First Amendment. It did not pass and the internet is still alive and well, as is piracy.

However, this only hurts the software developers. A lot of work goes into creating software, as you probably know yet there are so many ways to undercut and have access to software for free. Is there an affordable solution?

SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection is Brainzsquare’s solution to protect against illegal software copying and downloading. This solution provides 2048-bit RSA algorithm, which generates public and private keys. The private key is saved into the USB token and cannot be leaked out. If the software developer does not provide a USB token, users are denied access to the software application. For developers using program source or user developed programs, an execution file can be protected during the program coding phase by using the API provided by SECUDRIVE Software Copy Protection. Both the code and data sections of an execution file are encrypted, and the application can only be launched when the public and private keys match.

After applying the solution to the software, if the application is found floating around on illegal download sites, there’s no need to worry. Unfortunately, software will always find its way onto the internet in one way or another, but you can relax knowing that the application will not work unless you provide the token to the user.