SECUDRIVE Newsletter No. 6: File Server Copy Protection

SECUDRIVE File Server: Copy protection for your document files stored on file servers.

Brainzsquare releases a new file server security solution with copy protection technology, SECUDRIVE File Server. This solution makes it possible to prevent files from leaving the file server due to unauthorized copying and audits how the files are handled by utilizing a detailed event log while keeping the easiness of file sharing among users. The software runs after installation and opens in the existing windows file server while keeping the current file server settings. Read more>>

Features of SECUDRIVE File Server:

Copy Protection: SECUDRIVE File server comes with a copy protection feature that is compatible with a multitude of application programs.
User identification and authentication: The user must install the SECUDRIVE File Server Client program on the user’s PC to access the shared folder. Computers without the client program will not be able to access the shared folder. SECUDRIVE File Server supports both Windows local accounts and an AD environment, requiring no special user management.
Controls accessible processes: Only an authorized application by the administrator can access the shared folder on the file server. The administrator can choose which applications to allow. Unregistered applications in the list are prevented from accessing the file server.
Detailed Event logs: Detailed event log of file usage is collected such as file reading, writing, renaming, changing, creating, deletion, file leakage prevention, copying, and pasting.
Server Backup files: Only an authorized user can copy a file from the server to one’s PC. The copied file is automatically backed up for future security auditing.

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Internal Data Leakage: The risks might be bigger than you know.

With the growing number of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies being implemented at work, companies are now more concerned about their data security than ever before. As much as a company can trust their employees and coworkers (and we realize that Non Disclosure Agreements exist for a reason), no company should ever go without data leakage prevention measures. Have you ever worried about accidental or worse, malicious internal data leakages? Once it spreads, it is an arduous task to find the source of the leakage, and can lead to inefficiently containing it. This can ruin a company’s reputation for a long time.

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About Brainzsquare:
Founded in 2000, Brainzsquare has been serving specialized and innovative data security solutions in the market. Since 2006, with the launch of the SECUDRIVE product line, Brainzsquare has provided products ranging from secure USB flash drives and data erasure products to copy protection software, device control, and file server security solutions for corporate customers and content publishers.
SECUDRIVE is the registered trademark of Brainzsquare.

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