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How to Protect Your Design Files from Being Copied

You’re not alone. Countless designers today send their clients preliminary design passes for feedback with almost no protection for their files. This is not to say all clients have malicious intent, but designers should be aware and take safety measures for their work. Imagine sending photographs to a client via a USB drive for review, only to have them copied onto the client’s computer without the consent of the photographer. Only the photographer loses in this trade.

To prevent any unauthorized activity when shipping work to their clients, designers should consider security measures like copy protection and password authentications for their work. SECUDRIVE USB CAD is a hardware encrypted, copy protected, and password authenticated USB drive that is compatible with a variety of CAD and design applications to suit designers everywhere.
SECUDRIVE USB CAD works by having the administrator (that’s you, designer) initially set up the USB drive with a personal password and security policy settings. Security policy settings include copy protection, screen capture prevention, and print control with options such as customizable watermark printing.

Compatibility with a variety of applications
By selecting or registering a specific CAD or design application from the setup list, only the selected apps will be able to access the files. The specified apps will have the security policies applied to them, preventing the receiver (the client) from copy and pasting or use any other copy functions or tools while having access to the designs. Also, files cannot be taken out of the USB drive unless it is on the administrator’s PC, giving additive security to your work.

Password authentication to protect the contents from being viewed by just anyone
Password authentication prevents anyone without the correct password from accessing the files inside the USB drive, even in the event the USB drive is lost or stolen. After ten incorrect password attempts, SECUDRIVE USB CAD will automatically delete all the data stored and will become unusable unless reset on the administrator’s PC. Along with hardware encryption, SECUDRIVE USB CAD is an important tool for anyone distributing important and maybe even confidential design files to clients.

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