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Why is cloud service being banned from most corporate offices?

It is undeniable in this day and age how convenient cloud storage has become. It is all about how quickly you can access, share, and collaborate on your data whenever you want and wherever you are. However, this convenience comes with a great price and corporate businesses are starting to pick up on it.

Did you know that cloud storage services are banned from use in about 55% of IT organizations? Aside from the involvement in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, current basic cloud security is not up to par with what is necessary of a corporate business handling sensitive data. There are several existing security risks to consider when using cloud storage as a business tool. For one thing, it’s difficult to keep track of which files were edited by specific users. How can administrators keep track of edited files stored on the cloud without a monitoring system built in? Other security risks include ownership, where clauses in some cloud storage contracts that state that the data stored belong to the provider and not the customer, and the almost non-existent access control of the cloud storage. Without access control and a monitoring system, anyone who has an authorized cloud storage account can view and copy files to their local PC, leading to illegal copy and internal data leakage risks.

Encryption services are provided by a few cloud storage services, however due to the on-going investigation of the NSA and Edward Snowden; the security risks of cloud storage have been amplified and users are apprehensive about using the provided encryption services that can be decrypted by the cloud provider. In an article by Information Week, the NSA’s PRISM could potentially cost U.S. Cloud storage companies up to $45 billion in business due to corporate companies unable to trust the use of cloud storage and banning them from work related use.

But there is a way to secure your data while keeping the convenience of using cloud storage. SECUDRIVE Portable Desktop for Dropbox is an affordable, portable cloud security solution developed by Brainzsquare for enterprise. With user friendly interfaces and controls, all you have to do as an administrator is install the software, authenticate your Dropbox account and register the employees’ Portable Desktop for Dropbox USB flash drives for use.

The manager program is designed to allow administrators to set encryption settings, sync settings, security and print policies, and folder access controls for registered USB drives. Administrators also have access to detailed event logs which record user name, USB serial number, action taken, date, and time. Details of event logs are recorded in real time and sent to the manager program via network. If the administrator has allowed an offline policy with an employee, actions taken will be recorded onto the employee USB and will be sent to the administrator once it is connected to the server. Event logs can be used to monitor file activity and for auditing purposes, giving administrators the power to detect security anomalies in real time. Portable Desktop for Dropbox will only allow users to access specified shared folders via the virtual desktop within the flash drive. All data handled in the Dropbox App and virtual desktop will remain inside the encrypted flash drive, leaving no trace on the local PC. Also users cannot copy files from the Dropbox app on to the host PC or another portable storage device, preventing unauthorized copy and leakage.

SECUDRIVE Portable Desktop for Dropbox is an important security tool for businesses that wish to have the convenience and work efficiency of cloud storage while keeping their data secure.

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