SECUDRIVE Device Control Enterprise Release Notes

The latest version of SECUDRIVE Device Control has been released. (05/01/2016)
Fixed issues installation failed on Windows server 2008 OS (12/09/2015)
Windows 10 OS support
Added feature to select the log items.
Switched to saving method of the logs from “csv file” to “DB file” to improve speed
Added feature to copy other agent policy or other groups (07/21/2015)
Added feature to control the internal hdd newly attatched to system after Agent installation
Changed licenese authentication method from Token to authentication file (05/21/2015)
Added feature that allows a user access through internet via dedicated VPN server when outside of the company
Added feature to block PC from running on virtual AP mode
Changed setting to control Wi-Fi at the common policy (07/14/2014)
Added feature to withdraw license from offline PC (04/13/2014)
UI updated (11/04/2013)
Fixed the log view page error (10/23/2013)
Added AP(Access Point) control feature
Fixed the management program UI
Fixed the agent status viewer UI (05/28/2013) Fixed the abnormal termination of the program on USB devices with 64 or more characters. (05/21/2013) Modified the operation speed of the manager program for multiple agents and registered devices. (04/17/2013) Bug fix
Add a shortcut from Home menu to policy management window for the selected PC.
Add a field ‘Name’ for an administrator to input a name of the PC. (02/27/2013) Bug fix (02/05/2013) Bug fix (01/20/2013) Added read-only setting feature for CD-ROM, IEEE 1394, and floppy disks
Changed USB port control setup mode
– Device control for storage type and non-storage type
Added icons for port control windows (11/28/2012) Compatible with Windows 8 (11/19/2012) Added a log collection feature in real-time for the policy control token. (11/13/2012) Added a message feature of control mode when installing the agent on PC.
Fixed collision with USB 3.0 driver. (10/28/2012) Enhanced UI of the manager program. Bug fix. (08/26/2012) DC Enterprise:
– Added an individual policy management feature per agent.
– Add an agent group management feature.
** Warning!
If you are going to install an old version of DC Enterprise Manager, you should keep policy information when uninstalling the program so that you can use the policy again after installing an updated program. (08/27/2012) Modified a license authentication process of the trial version. (04/09/2012) Bug fix for USB 3.0. (03/21/2012) Fixed an installation error on PCs with specific BUS type. (01/24/2012) Add a feature to display duplicated logs as a summarized one.
Fixed log collection so that device info is displayed when connecting and disconnecting the USB drive. (01/08/2012) Fixed partial system driver erase error when removing the agent.