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File Server Data Protection Using Digital Right Management

Let’s say you have a file server set up for your office, business, or company.

All of your employees use this file server to share and collaborate on company work files as efficiently as possible. Administrators of this file server can restrict specific users from accessing a folder on the file server. However, what if an employee that does not regularly have access to the folder needs access rights for a work situation? This poses a huge security hole that just screams internal data leakage to us techies. File activity record logs could help for later auditing purposes but if digital rights aren’t managed for employees across the board, then it can be difficult to track the leak and contain it.

The files stored on file servers may be company confidential and if leaked, could ruin the reputation and business of a company. But the convenience of file servers is almost unbeatable within a company. So why is it that there are no industry standard data protection solutions for file servers to prevent these huge risks that they pose?

To stop internal data leakage at its source, a file server data protection solution is absolutely needed to prevent just anyone from accessing and printing/copying a file to a location of their choosing. You can’t be too safe when it comes to your employees due to the steady rise in internal breaches. Part of the problem with applying data protection solutions to a file server has been the compatibility of various file formats and apps. Work efficiency can go down, causing some businesses to be apprehensive towards applying and using data protection solutions.

But you can’t be too safe with company information right? Think of what happened with NSA and Edward Snowden. This is one of the best case examples of ongoing internal data leakage. Edward Snowden was a temporary employee who worked for the NSA until he got his hands on some confidential information, was able to copy it easily off of the NSA servers (whether or not he had access or someone else gave him access to the data is unknown) onto a simple USB drive, and was able to walk out the door. Your company’s reputation can be sabotaged in the same way.

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