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SECUDRIVE File Server: A simple and effective Windows file server data protection security solution with Digital Rights Management

SECUDRIVE File Server is a file server data protection developed by Brainzsquare that is efficient to use and simple to install.

SECUDRIVE File server is file server security solution that protects your confidential and personal information for your Windows file server. This solution acts like an add-on for existing file servers that enhances current file server security while providing user-based DRM features. SECUDRIVE File Server offers features such as copy protection, user-based individual DRM policies, and detailed event logs.

Installation to file servers is easy. Administrators, if you currently have a file server set up with shared folders, groups, and settings, SECUDRIVE File Server will not be a problem! By installing SECUDRIVE File Server onto your existing file server, it will ask for you to fill out the file server information. By doing so, it automatically detects your current file server settings such as users and shared folders.

Digital rights management for your file server. SECUDRIVE File Server allows administrators to assign DRM policies to individual users, preventing certain users from copying, printing, or screen capturing the files in the specified folder. The list of various application programs that this solution is compatible with can be seen from the administrator’s user interface. For example, by registering an application program such as Microsoft Word onto the access allowed list, registered users will only be able to open the files using Microsoft Word-however, while they have access to the data, they will not be able to copy, “save as” another file, screen capture, or print the file unless the administrator has allowed the function. A secure backup file will be created for auditing purposes when an authorized user copies a file from the server.

Adjusts to existing file server security settings. After installing the file server user clients on your employee PCs, the solution will adjust itself to existing file server settings. This means all the groups, users, and file server security settings that were applied before installing SECUDRIVE File Server w Administrators will be able to apply individual user-based DRM policies to registered users. This allows/denies specified users from actions such as copy, print, or screen capture of files, creating different levels of DRM policies within the file server.

Detailed event logs allow you to audit activity. Detailed event logs are recorded in real time and can be viewed on the administrator’s file server client for auditing purposes. The log records information such as registered user, date, time, PC, file accessed, and action taken, so administrators can trace data leaks when it occurs.

SECUDRIVE File Server Introduction Video

SECUDRIVE File Server can be your comprehensive data protection and security solution for your file server. With all the features that were covered in this blog, you can try a free 30-day trial of SECUDRIVE File Server. Click the link below and head over to our product and trial request page.

SECUDRIVE File Server product and trial version request page>>

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