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Securing Data throughout its Life Cycle

We believe that protection should be implemented throughout the data’s entire life cycle. Otherwise, data can be easily compromised from multiple areas.

Looking for information security solutions can be difficult because of the wide variety of security solutions available. It is also hard to implement a solution if you don’t know all of the problems.

In order to effectively assess a company’s risk, each stage of the data life cycle should be taken into consideration. Each stage has its own inherent risks and security solutions must be able to protect data at each stage in order to mitigate any vulnerabilities.

We aim to protect information at each stage of the data life cycle: Creation, Access, Storage, Transmission/Mobilization, Alteration, and Deletion.

SECUDRIVE can protect important corporate data from creation to deletion by utilizing Intellectual Property (IP) protection, using encrypted IP protected USBs, blacklisting foreign devices, and remotely wiping out disks that contain corporate data.

Secure Data Life Cycle Solution

Secure File Sharing with DRM
-IP protection for Windows File Server
-Encrypted File Import/Export to SECUDRIVE USBs
-Access management
-User/Manager activity logging
-Integrated with Active Directory (AD)

Secure USB Flash Drives with DRM
-Secure Hardware Encrypted USBs
-IP protected USBs
-Integrated Management
-Encrypted import/export to SECUDRIVE File Server and USBs
-USB Activity Logging
-Integrated with Active Directory (AD)

Secure Data Eraser
-Windows-based managed disk wiping
-True remote wiping
-One-click wiping
-Detailed logging, monitoring, and reports

Device Control
-Blacklist foreign devices
-Port blocking control
-Activity logging

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