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SECUDRIVE Newsletter No. 10: Secure Disk Wiping Made Simple.

Disk wiping should be an effortless process when recycling or disposing of old PCs.

Disk wiping can end up being a chore for many companies since it may require moving the machine to storage or shipping it off somewhere for disposal. We wanted to bring a solution that can wipe disks on the spot with little to no effort required by the administrator or the user.

How this is achieved is by utilizing a new form of disk wiping which does not require excessive consultation or difficult setup while still providing strong disk overwrite options. Using SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise, users can launch the disk wiping process themselves via download.

Sanitizer Enterprise has remote wiping capabilities that can be deployed remotely as well, meaning that the administrator never needs to leave his seat and the disk can be wiped on the spot at the click of a mouse.

So prior to even moving a decommissioned PC, the wiping process can be started in seconds without having to worry about the safety of the disks during transport or while in storage.



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Features of Sanitizer Enterprise

User-activated Wiping
Users can download the wiping software onto their computers and launch the wiping program themselves using the preferences set by the administrator. The entire wiping process can be monitored by the administrator as well.

Remote Wiping
The administrator can wipe entire disks remotely.

Remote Deployment
Sanitizer Enterprise provides an MSI file for remote wiping. Using Windows Active Directory GPO feature, the MSI file can be deployed to users and groups within an entire corporate directory.

Logging and Reports
Logs can be gathered after the wiping process has been finished. A report can be generated from these log files as well.

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