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SECUDRIVE File Server 6.0 Supports Enterprise Environments including Cloud

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Brainzsquare, Inc. has launched SECUDRIVE File Server 6.0 (FS 6.0), the latest version of their data leakage prevention solution for shared files. In addition to its protection for SMB protocol through the local network, WebDAV protocol through the internet is now supported as well. It means that FS 6.0 has now become available with public cloud services such as MS Azure or Amazon EC2 without the need of a VPN. Furthermore, FS 6.0 is compatible with DFS and Windows Server Failover Cluster environments in order to support enterprise system architectures.

For situations when files need to be transported out of the server, FS 6.0 provides an encrypted export feature where the file can only be decrypted on one of SECUDRIVE’s securely managed USB drives such as the copy-protected, SECUDRIVE USB Office+. FS 6.0 has also made sure to include data leakage protection features when sharing through a file or folder link allowing users to maintain their normal workflow with advanced security.

FS 6.0 proactively prevents unauthorized copying, printing, screen capture, and network transfers of critical files within the securely shared folders. In order to allow for easy implementation, preexisting users, groups, and shared folder information are detected automatically. Shared folders are transformed into ‘securely shared folders’ and user rights can be easily managed by user or by groups. All activity is recorded and the events can be filtered and sorted by file activity for auditing purposes.

“File servers are being used to store and share important information in many organizations. Unfortunately, though information security managers would like to increase security on their servers to regulate internal and external threats, many have hesitated due to security solutions impeding work efficiency. Luckily, SECUDRIVE File Server 6.0 will allow them to transparently and proactively protect against those threats while minimizing any inconveniences which are often coupled with higher tiers of security,” said Simon Kang, the CEO of Brainzsquare, Inc.

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