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[USB Copy Protection] Secure content delivery on USB drives with copy-protection

Distribution of valuable contents like intellectual properties, marketing materials, and educational publications brings the content producers to decide on the appropriate media with trusted security to prevent unauthorized copying or redistribution. Notably, CD/DVDs were once popular for its low-cost advantage; however, they are now considered obsolete due to its vulnerability to piracy and relatively low storage. Thus came the USB drives that provided portability and practicality with decreased size and increased storage space, respectively. Furthermore, they can be made to protect the stored contents from inside and out, satisfying the needs for trusted security that CD/DVDs lacked.

Secudrive USB Copy Protection (UCP) Basic satisfies the needs of those who wish to distribute their valuable contents without having to worry about unauthorized content copying and redistribution. UCP Basic operates by converting ordinary USB drives into secure USB drives with security policies, file encryption, digital rights management, and application whitelisting. Firstly, UCP Basic creates specific security policies with a wide selection of configurations as below:

  1. Password settings and complexity rules
  2. USB drive usage period
  3. Maximum logins allowed
  4. Maximum offline logins allowed
  5. Automatic USB drive lock/wipe after maximum incorrect password entries, usage period, and logins

Security policies created by these configurations act as the first layer of security that restrict the outsiders’ attempts to access the stored contents after unfortunate losses or thefts. Furthermore, the automatic USB drive lock/wipe feature after maximum usage period and logins give the producers to maintain the exclusivity of their contents.

UCP Basic encrypts all the stored contents and information, making sure that it is protected from start to finish, at the core. Once encrypted, all the activities regarding the stored contents must be performed within the secure USB drives produced by UCP Basic. The significance of this security feature is the ability to render the contents inaccessible and unusable outside the USB drives.

Secure USB drives made by UCP are equipped with digital rights management (DRM) that restricts the users from unauthorized file copy, clipboard copy, print, screen-capture, and network-transfer. It is the core element in security against accidental or malicious insider threats, as it protects the data from being leaked out while in use. The innovative integration of DRM into the secure USB drives made by UCP provides the practicality, as well as the trusted protection against leakage by the insiders.

To ensure that the possibilities of security bypass are eliminated, UCP provides application whitelisting that allows the producers to designate certain applications to be run on the USB drives. It prevents non-whitelisted applications from being installed and run on the USB drives to protect the contents from being harmed by external cyber threats like ransomware.

Understanding the needs of different content producers, the advanced Secudrive UCP+ introduces remote update feature along with all security features of UCP Basic as previously mentioned. This feature is ideal for those who wish to update their contents regularly and USB drive security policies without having to recollect the distributed USB drives from the users. With a few clicks and configurations, UCP+ remote update provides cost efficiency and additional security for content distribution and the USB drives, respectively. Compared to ordinary USB drives or CD/DVDs, secure USB drives with remote management helps achieve cost efficiency as content producers can eliminate extra USB drive production, and shipping duties from and to the USB drive users. As for security, the remote update takes it the extra mile as the producers can reset or renew the security policies if they suspect or confirm that the existing policies have been compromised. Furthermore, content producers can remotely lock or wipe the USB drives. In other words, the remote update feature gives the producers the ability to remain in control of the stored contents, even after the USB drives are distributed to the users.

Secudrive UCP Basic produces secure USB drives on which content producers can store their works for distribution. A wide range of security features guides the producers to set up and apply extensive and persistent security policies that protect the stored contents. UCP+’s remote update achieves cost efficiency when distributing the contents that require regular or occasional renewal, in addition to additional security measures that will help content producers to respond to potential content violations, even when the USB drives are out of the hands of content producers.

Please visit Secudrive UCP product page to discover more about USB Copy Protection and its features!

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