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Disk Wiping Vs. Physical Destruction

Data wiping with Secudrive Drive Eraser makes it logically unrecoverable by repeatedly overwriting zeros, ones, or random numbers on the disk where the original data resided. It uses internationally recognized standard data erasure algorithms so that it can be recognized as completely deleted, just like physical destruction. Therefore, it allows you to comply with various data protection regulations with that companies and organizations must comply.

Data wiping with Secudrive Drive Eraser is 1) more cost-effective, 2) more secure, and 3) more convenient for management than physical destruction.

Secudrive Drive Eraser

Physical Destruction





Reusable, Resellable



Temper-Proof Report



On User’s Desks


Where to erase

Move After Erase

Move and Destruction

Data Breach Risk


Relatively High During 

Integrated with
IT Asset Management

Easy Integration with


  • Secudrive Drive Eraser can wipe drives separately stored in a warehouse, too. However, Secudrive recommends wiping before moving machines to a warehouse to improve security.

More cost-effective: wiped drives can be resold, reused, or donated.

You can resell, reuse, or donate wiped hard drives, while physical destruction makes the hard drive industrial waste. It is also common that the price of erasure software is generally significantly lower than the cost of physical destruction services. Besides, It is eco-friendly because it does not cause industrial waste, including toxic substances.

More secure: fewer handlers, fewer locations, and tamper-proof reports enhance security

Companies use data destruction service providers for physical destruction. IT department collects disposed computers that still have the unwiped date and store them in an inhouse warehouse or somewhere. Then a data destruction service provider moves the machines into a workplace with physical destruction equipment like a shredder. Then workers at data destruction service companies punch or shred the disks or computers. Since physical destruction is cumbersome to be done in the company’s office, the data is inevitably destroyed after carrying by various hands through various places. Possibility of theft or loss, in other words, data leakage risk, increases.

Recently, more and more companies have introduced data wiping instead of physical destruction for data destruction. Secudrive Drive Eraser is easy enough for the companies to be done in the office. Even general users can wipe their own disks by themselves on their desks, or IT personnel can wipe computers gathered to an in-house IT department. Security vulnerabilities are much reduced by minimizing the number of transfers, storage, and related parties.

Finally, it is convenient to record data destruction operations. It is essential to record data destruction to prepare for post audits under various security regulations. Pictures or videos are the only way to record physical destruction work. There is also the possibility of forgery and alteration. However, the wiping software automatically collects information on computer, disk, and erasure operation. It also creates tamper-proof reports.

Integrated management

IT managers can manage disk wiping operations remotely with the logs and reports. The logs and reports can also be easily integrated with the company’s asset management solution.

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