Case Studies

An Enterprise Establishes Data Leakage Prevention Compatible with DFS and WSFC Enterprise Architecture Environments.


L Company is an enterprise-level software provider that shares a multitude of sensitive information using internal file servers, as well as the methods such as high availability clustering systems, and Distributed File Systems (DFS).
They need a solution that is compatible with their enterprise architecture which can prevent all of their shared files from being leaked.


  • Protect files from unauthorized copying in enterprise architecture environment, specifically the DFS and Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC)
  • Detailed logging and monitoring of file use, as well as user and manager activities



Secudrive provides advanced data leakage protection that integrates with L Company’s enterprise architecture systems and file sharing. Secudrive File Server 6.0, being a strictly a rights management solution, is the fitting solution for L company due to its compatibility with file link sharing, and integration with both DFS and WSFC environments.


File Link Sharing Protection

For high availability and scalability, L Company has implemented WSFC and DFS enterprise architecture systems. They need a solution that works with these complex enterprise systems to allow safe internal data use. With File Server 6.0, data can still be accessed and edited as usual while being protected from leaks.


Enterprise Architecture Compatibility

FS 6.0 is a strictly a rights management solution where it controls the users’ ability to copy, print, screen capture, and transfer data through the network. This is important for J Company because they have branch offices in China where the use of encryption technology is heavily regulated and only products approved by the Office of State Commercial Cryptography Administration (OSCCA) in China can be used. So J Company implemented SECUDRIVE FS 6.0 in order to be able to protect their data without having to worry about OSCCA regulations.



From one central console, File Server 6.0 monitors file, user, and manager activities within all servers. All logs can be filtered by specific file activities, and the information on the connected users and data traffic can be monitored real-time