Case Studies

Financial Consulting Firm Requires a Content-Aware, Data Leakage Prevention to Export and Track Confidential Data.


S Co., a financial consulting firm, handles substantial amount of private financial information such as account balances, monthly expenses, and assets to help their clients create a retirement plan.

The company needs to prevent data leaks from PCs, while being able to safely transport files out of the PCs since the consultants collaborate in small teams. S Co. requires a solution that can safely export and track files that contain sensitive information like account numbers and social security numbers.


  • Ability to prevent data leaks from the PCs.
  • Content awareness so that personal information such as social security numbers is not being exported to USB drives
  • Allow for safe transportation of files out of the PC



Secudrive provides a system where files can only be exported to specified copy-protected USB drives. This creates an environment where the exported files can only be stored on secure USB drives that restrict files from being leaked.



For files that are exported from PCs to authorized USB drives, they can be filtered by specific keywords or RegEx values in documents, and effectively blocked from entering the USB drives (even if the USB drives are authorized).



By combining Device Control Enterprise (DCE) and USB Office (UO), consultants can record and store personal data about their clients on their PCs without being able to leak through any of the PC ports. When files do need to be transported out of the PC, it can only be done through a registered USB drive which prevents copying, printing, screen capturing, and network file transferring functions.



Files that are exported from the PC to the authorized USB drives are backed up and tracked in the manager’s console to maintain data integrity. Exported files can be monitored closely through the detailed logging functionality of Device Control Enterprise.



Other than the secure method of transport using USB Office, files cannot leave the PCs as all network sharing and ports are blocked. All other USB drives are blocked to ensure that data on the PCs stays there.



The consultants now notify their clients that solid security systems are in place to protect their confidential data. Hence, consultants can build stronger client relationships by showing that they care about the security for confidential information and that they go the extra mile for the customers.