Case Studies

Bank Requires Disk Wiping of All Machines after Software Development Project


Bank T, has contracted an SI firm for a software development project. They need a new system put in place in their banking systems and the SI firm has to use some of their intellectual property (IP) and private information.
The SI firm also has to use third party companies for the project as well and Bank T wants to make sure that all data on all involved computers are wiped after the project is complete.


  • Wipe all data off of all involved computers
  • Make sure all data is completely wiped using certified algorithms
  • Detailed reports and monitoring are required to ensure data wiping is successful



SECUDRIVE provides a disk wiping solution that can be perfectly applied to Bank T’s situation. With the availability of wiping through the network they can effectively and efficiently wipe all machines that were involved with the software development project.



Disks have to be wiped throughout M Credit Card Company’s multiple branch offices and they want a convenient way to manage the process through a centralize location. M Credit Card Company’s wants to be able to wipe all decommissioned computers immediately so that they are not moved while still containing confidential data. Wiped disks can then be moved safely to storage or to service companies for permanent disposal or recycling.



Sanitizer Enterprise can remotely wipe hundreds of disks simultaneously with a couple clicks of the mouse. Bank T only needs to allocate one person for this process, and the entire wiping sequence can be monitored from a central location. All log files are also collected remotely into the same central location and reports can be generated for careful auditing.



Sanitizer Enterprise offers the following disk wiping algorithms to ensure for complete data destruction:

  • Overwrite by constant: Single Pass
  • DoD 5220.22-M 3 Pass
  • DoD 5220.22-M 7 Pass
  • Gutmann 35 Pass

Bank T requires that certified algorithms are used in order to ensure that all data is completely wiped.