Remote USB drive management

Secudrive USB Management Server

A remote central management server for Secudrive USB Basic+, Office+, and CAD+.

A remote central management server for Secudrive USB Basic+, Office+, and CAD+.

Why Secudrive USB Management Server?

If employees have to transport flash drives containing confidential files, those flash drives need to be managed carefully in terms of assets and security. Secudrive USB Management Server is the remote central management solution for Secudrive USB Basic+, Office+, and CAD+.

Secudrive USB Management Server makes it possible to monitor, in real time, who the users are, what types of flash drives are being used, and what the users are doing with the flash drives. It also can control various security policies attached to the flash drives, either individually or collectively. When a flash drive is lost or stolen, an administrator can either lock it or destroy all the data contained on it remotely.

Major Features and Benefits

Password policy management

  • Minimum password lengths, password requirements, and password renewal cycles can be set. A maximum number of incorrect login attempts can also be set, so that the flash drive can be locked or all the files on it can be completely wiped once that number is exceeded.

Usage policy management

  • The number of, and available periods for, login can be set. This can be done for use with an authorized PC. Automatic logout can be set, allowing for a preset idle time. A flash drive that is not logged in for a certain period can be locked, or the data on it can be completely wiped. A flash drive can be set to be used only if the user account of the PC it is plugged into is the same as the Active Directory account registered on the flash drive.

DRM policy management (Office+/CAD+ editions only)

  • User rights for copy, network transfer, print, and screen capture can be controlled. Available applications can be whitelisted on the flash drive.

Log management

  • This monitors all the event and file activity logs of the flash drives. Logs can be exported as .txt files. The maximum number of logs can be set so as to manage storage capacity.

File duplication among flash drives.

  • An encrypted file can be copied among multiple flash drives that are registered by one administrator.

File distribution

  • Files can be remotely distributed to a flash drive. When a flash drive is logged in, files can be saved onto it.

Remote software update

  • The Secudrive software and virus vaccine program can be updated automatically when a flash drive is logged in.

Use Cases

As a central management system for flash drives in enterprises.
  • For when a user needs to use a flash drive in-house, but is prohibited from using it outside.
  • For when flash drive usage needs to be remotely monitored for employees in transit.
  • For when the frequent to distribution of confidential files is required by mobile workers via flash drives.
  • For when DRM policy needs to be imposed when a flash drive is used outside of the office.
  • For when different security policies apply to the internal and external use of a flash drive.

Technical Specifications

Product composition
  • Secudrive USB Management Server : A remote USB drive management software program
  • Secudrive USB Management Console : A console program controlled by an administrator
  • PC authentication program : A program that authenticates a PC to allow a USB drive to be used
  • Policy Lift Token (optional) : A token that makes it possible to temporarily lift DRM policy when connecting a USB drive and a PC
Compatible OSs
  • Server program : Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 (32/64 bit)
  • Client program : Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (32/64 bit)
Supported USB drives : Secudrive USB Basic+/Office+/CAD+

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