Hardware-encrypted flash drive with DRM

Secudrive USB Office/CAD

A hardware-encrypted, secure flash drive with DRM features to prevent the data breach of Office/CAD files by malicious insiders

A hardware-encrypted, secure flash drive with DRM features to prevent the data breach of Office/CAD files by malicious insiders

Why Secudrive USB Office/CAD?

A hardware-encrypted, secure flash drive is generally recognized as a security solution only for ‘honest’ users. A data breach cannot be prevented if a user with malicious intent hands it over, with the password, to an unauthorized person; however, the data on it can be protected if it is lost or stolen. Many significant data-breach accidents are perpetrated by dishonest people.

Secudrive USB Office/CAD is the most secure USB drive solution, in which both a hardware encryption chip and DRM software are embedded to protect confidential files from being breached by malicious insiders or accidentally lost. With Secudrive USB Office/CAD, a user can freely edit files on the flash drive, but they cannot copy, network transfer, print, or screen capture those files without approval. It also generates complete user and file activity logs for post auditing.

Major Features and Benefits

Hardware encryption

  • An AES-256 hardware cryptochip is installed in the flash drive, and so the encryption key is stored in the chip itself. Administrator rights for the installation of additional encryption or other software are not required. Encrypted data cannot be read, even if the memory chip is disassembled and transplanted into a different flash drive.

USB 3.0 supported

  • Secudrive USB Office/CAD supports USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

Password protection

  • A user must enter the correct password to access Secudrive USB Office/CAD. Entering incorrect passwords consecutively a certain number of times will either lock the USB drive or completely wipe the data to prevent data loss, according to the security policy.

Flash drive auto lock

  • After a specified idle time on the PC, when the flash drive is plugged in, the flash drive will be automatically locked.

Digital Rights Management

  • DRM(Digital Rights Management) controls the user’s right to copy, network transfer, print, or screen capture files stored on the flash drive.

Editable, but leakage prevented

  • The user’s rights can be controlled while the user can freely edit files on the flash drive. This interface transparency helps to support productivity.

Application whitelisting

  • Whitelisting applications can be run on the flash drive. This prohibits unknown applications from being accessed via the flash drive, thus protecting the flash drive from infection with malware such as ransomware.

Log monitoring

  • All user and file activity logs are gathered on the flash drive, and are checked when a user returns. These include user access, file activity, such as create, modify, delete, copy, network transfer, print, and screen capture, and more. Secudrive USB Management Server can monitor the logs in real time through the network (Secudrive USB Office+/CAD+ only).

Control of various types of copy attempts

  • Various kinds of copy attempts are controlled, including copy/paste, save-as to local PC, save to web, and clipboard copy.

Print control options

  • Printing can be prohibited or allowed. Watermarks can be added when allowing printing. The spooled file is encrypted while it is being sent to the printer.

Integration with Secudrive File Server

  • If Secudrive File Server is established alongside Secudrive USB Office/CAD in an organization, encrypted and copy-protected files can be securely transferred between the two. This is the most secure way to share files with business partners outside the office.

Use Cases

  • For employees who have to transport flash drives containing confidential files.
  • For businesses that need to share confidential files stored in the Secudrive File Server.
  • For employees who have to access confidential files outside the office when offline.

Technical Specifications

Compatible OS : Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7(32/64bit)
Interface : Supports USB 3.0, USB 2.0
Power : USB Bus Power

Capacity : 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

Size : 60.6 X 18.0 X 8.1 mm
Weight : 10g
Operating Temperature : 0℃ ~ 45℃

Supported applications to be whitelisted

Secudrive USB Office Edition
Secudrive USB CAD Edition
Compression Programs : 7 Zip, ALZip, Lhaplus, WinRAR
Documentation Programs : Acrobat Pro/Reader, Bullzip PDF Printer, DocuWorks Desk 7, Foxit Reader, HAANSOFT HWP, Ichitaro, MS Office Access/Excel, Excel Viewer/Infopath/OneNote/Picture Manager/PowerPoint, PowerPoint Viewer/Publisher/Word, Word Viewer, Nitro Pro, OpenOffice.org Bin/Office, WordPad, CubePDF.
Graphic Design Programs : Adobe Flash Player, Flash Professional/Illustrator/Photoshop.
Media Players : BS.Player, GOM Player, KMPlayer, Windows Media Player, VLC Player.
Text Editors : EditPlus, Notepad, Notepad++, TeraPad, UltraEdit, Sakura Editor.
Internet Browsers : Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.
Image Viewers : Jtrim, Paint, Picasa3, PicasaPhotoViewer3
In addition to all the programs supported by the Office Edition,

CAD Programs : ArcView GIS, AutoDesk 3DS Max/AutoCAD, CAM350, CATIA V5, DraftSight, DWG TrueView/Editor, eDrawings, EPANET, JW CAD, Maya, OrCAD, P-CAD PCB/Schematic, PTC Creo Parametric 2.0, SLDWORKS, Solid Edge ST, Unigraphics NX, VectorWorks
  • More programs can be added upon customer request

See Secudrive USB Office/CAD in Action

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