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Ditch the Overly Complicated Data Protection Solutions

SECUDRIVE provides effective and practical drive-based data protection solutions with features ranging from encryption, drive access control, log management, and rights management for copy, screen capture, and printing.

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Secure to Go Anywhere

SECUDRIVE USB Data Protection provides data protection for offline situations as well as integrated USB management for various SECUDRIVE USB drives, such as USB Basic+, USB Office+, and USB CAD+.

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A Secure Collaborative Workspace

SECUDRIVE File Server provides offers an easy to use, secure cooperative workspace within a single secure server, protecting your data from outsiders as well as insiders.

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File Server Security

File Server security products prevent data from leakage through shared folders on your file server or NAS, providing a secure file sharing environment.

USB Security

SECUDRIVE USBs have the AES 256 bit crypto chip and the Trend Micro USB Security installed in the USB flash drive, giving the user the utmost security for USBs.

Device Control

SECUDRIVE Device Control allows the security administrator to be able to regulate access of every port such as Wi-Fi, Parallel/Serial, USB and Bluetooth.

Disk Erasure

SECUDRIVE Disk Erasure products, provide a manageable one-click solution to completely wipe multiple PCs simultaneously to prevent data recovery and leakage.

Quality Data Protection Solutions Go beyond the Scope of Security Standards

SECUDRIVE by Brainzsquare, Inc. brings you advanced security solutions that can protect you from unauthorized access and insider data leakage threats. By utilizing technology such as remote management, internal leakage protection, port access protection, and secure disk wiping, SECUDRIVE offers quality solutions that can protect data at multiple stages of its lifecycle.

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