SECUDRIVE is dedicated in bringing quality data protection solutions that go beyond the scope of security standards.

SECUDRIVE by Brainzsquare, Inc. brings you advanced security solutions that can protect you from unauthorized access and insider data leakage threats. By utilizing technology such as remote management, internal leakage protection, port access protection, and secure disk wiping, SECUDRIVE offers quality solutions that can protect data at multiple stages of its lifecycle. We firmly believe that security must go beyond the standard and we aim to push that standard.

Latest News

Brainzsquare Releases SECUDRIVE File Server 6.0, a Data Leakage Prevention Solution which Supports Enterprise Environments including Cloud

Brainzsquare, Inc. has launched SECUDRIVE File Server 6.0 (FS 6.0), the latest version of their data leakage prevention solution for shared files. In addition to its protection for SMB protocol through the local network, WebDAV protocol through the internet is now supported as well. It means that FS 6.0 has now become available with public cloud services such as MS Azure or Amazon EC2 without the need of a VPN. More>>>
Brainzsquare Announces The Release Of SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise, An Integrated Disk Wiping Management Solution Catered For Enterprise Environments

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 12, 2015 -Brainzsquare has launched SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise, an integrated disk wiping management solution that has been catered for enterprise environments. SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise (SE) makes it possible to manage the wiping process of disks may be widely spread or in or in remote locations, making it an effective solution for disposing or reusing old computers and hard drives. More>>>

How We Protect You

SECUDRIVE USBs have the AES 256 bit crypto chip and the Trend Micro USB Security installed in the USB flash drive, giving the user the utmost security for USBs. More>>>
File Server security products prevent data from leakage through shared folders on your file server or NAS, providing a secure file sharing environment. More>>>
SECUDRIVE Device Control allows the security administrator to be able to regulate access of every port such as Wi-Fi, Parallel/Serial, USB and Bluetooth. More>>>
SECUDRIVE Disk Erasure products, provide a manageable one-click solution to completely wipe multiple PCs simultaneously to prevent data recovery and leakage. More>>>